Booster Clubs Webinar

Booster Clubs Webinar
Booster Clubs, PTOs, and other district support groups can benefit districts with resources and support, but if these groups are not treated appropriately the legal issues can get complicated and costly. In light of GASB 84 and its new rules related to fiduciary accounts it is critical that districts understand and their existing and future relationships with these groups.

This webinar will address potential areas of legal liability related to booster clubs and how districts can minimize their legal exposure. It will also address how support groups (and their accounts) must be treated moving forward. The webinar shares practical steps districts can take when dealing with support groups, including revisions to board policy and the use of standard forms. Finally, it is critical that school administrators understand what funds are considered public funds and the legal restrictions related to their expenditure.

Price: $50

9/27/2019 - 9/27/2019
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