Title IX and Grievances and Accountability, Oh My!

Title IX and Grievances and Accountability, Oh My!
This full-day workshop is going to focus on the responsibilities of central office leaders and the essential steps needed to best prepare building and district administrators for managing Title IX Issues, Grievances, and Modeling Staff Accountability. Please come prepared with hard copies or have electronic access to the district's Board Policies, Title IX documents, and all district Bargaining Agreements in order to optimize this interactive workshop.

Title IX: The district’s Title IX Coordinator has many responsibilities to ensure that compliance is maintained at the district level and to help support employees and students with issues as they pertain to Title IX protection. During this session participants will locate and review:

  • the public access to the Title IX Coordinator's contact information;
  • the district's documented Notice of Non-discrimination;
  • the district's documented Title IX Board Policies and related procedures; and
  • the district's Title IX Grievance Procedures used to document and submit complaints.
After the review of each document, participants will identify any information that needs immediate updating to meet compliance with the Title IX requirements. Take time to identify the necessary steps needed to train building and district administrators to arm them with critical information needed to protect students against reoccurring harassment and to safeguard the district against Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaints. This session will also touch on strategies to support the LGBTQ community and students transitioning.

Grievances: In this session participants will discuss the importance of building positive relationships with union officers and building representatives. Learn why it is critical to engage in regular communication with all union groups to create a positive and proactive working environment. Identify strategies that will help reduce grievances and the best practices on how to manage grievances when they do occur. Determine if the various union groups share the same grievance process and ensure that central office leadership is preparing all building and district administrators to manage and resolve grievances at the lowest level.

Modeling Staff Accountability: Wrap up the full-day workshop by reflecting on personal, administrator, and staff accountable for district expectations and goals. Take time to identify essential leadership skills that support clear expectations and promote a safe, consistent, fair, transparent and productive work environment. Review the end-of-the-year tasks and design a plan to model accountability that demonstrates high expectations for a strong finish to the school year.

3/8/2019 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
MELG Building 1001 Centennial Way Lansing, MI 48917 UNITED STATES
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