Stress & Immunity: Superintendent Self Care Webinar

Stress & Immunity: Superintendent Self Care Webinar
Thanks to our partners at SET SEG and On Target Living, MASA is offering a free webinar focused on you and your well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s day-to-day. While you may be consumed with work, taking care of family members, or just trying to reconcile this new normal, we know how important it is that you take care of yourself, too. Join us at 10 a.m. on June 4 to learn some strategies to control your stress and quiet your mind.

Here’s what you can expect:

Hand sanitizer and face masks are the new normal. Schools, businesses and venues are all closed, people are home and we continue to play defense in this time of crisis. There is obvious fear and uncertainty—and this creates stress.

  • What if we took back control?
  • What if we created less stress when everything around us was getting stressful?
  • What if we built our invisible armor called the immune system?

We will always have setbacks, road bumps, corrections and periods where things around us are out of control. When this happens, we have two options: Play Offense or Play Defense. Think of defense as washing hands, social distancing, limiting travel, investing is less risk---these all can be great. The problem is most of us forget about playing offense during periods of stress and uncertainty. If you can play both, you start to take back some control and at the same time create opportunity!

The truth is we have a lot of control over our stress level our energy and how strong our immune system is, and the crazy thing is they are related. Create more stress for yourself, you will have a weaker immune system.

This presentation is for YOU, it’s for you to take control of what you can control to handle the chaos around us!


1. Control your stress
2. Quiet the mind
3. Build your most powerful armor--Immune System

6/4/2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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