Summer 2021 MSPRA IDEA HOUR #1

Summer 2021 MSPRA IDEA HOUR #1
"Expanding your Communication Team: Students, Interns, and More!"
Ever wish you had another set of hands at work, someone to whom you could delegate a task, or a way to share your passion for school PR with the next generation? Want all 3? It may be time to expand your operation to include high school students, college interns, or working with a class to achieve some of your communication goals (while sharing your excitement for the best career in the world)!

While it requires some planning; consider the benefits. You'll encourage students in their learning, see your work through a new lens, and accomplish those needed tasks.

Interested? Join us for this no-cost Idea Hour. Learn how your colleagues are benefiting from this option and how you can, too.

This virtual session will include presentation segments followed by facilitated questions.

6/22/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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